Christians and Caitlyn Jenner

If I’m gonna do this blogging thing, I might as well come out swinging, amiright?! I know it’s a little late in the game, and all this talk about Caitlyn Jenner is starting to die down…but with this new blog I’m implementing a 24-hour rule in which I think my thoughts for at least 24 hours before posting them on the world wide web. Then, hopefully when I post something, if I post something (I’m not making any promises when it comes to consistency here), I’ll at least be sure that I’m ok with people reading it. I may change that to 48 hours…

I’ve read a bunch of stuff in the last couple days…mostly my “friends” posts on social media showering praise and support to their new transgender BFF, Caitlyn. Some of the articles or blogs or whatever they’re called were alright, but probably my favorite piece I came across was Jon Stewart’s calling out of the media’s reaction, because at least it was funny. Sadly true, yet funny precisely because it’s true. Anyway, the objectification of women is a topic for another day! But you should watch it anyway…because it’s true.

BUT, the reason I really want to write about this is because everything I’ve seen has been about picking sides. All about how “I WILL NOT call him Caitlyn because he is not a woman and I know everything” or “I WILL call her Caitlyn because peace and love and this is what makes her happy and hello, progress.” But I’m not here to pick sides. I have my beliefs and opinions, sure, but I don’t really think anyone cares, or needs to hear them (for today 😉 ). I’m not really talking to non-Christians here, because from my limited experience, non-Christians are far more accepting and vocal about their acceptance of transgender individuals, and the LGBT community in general. So to you, Christians, followers of Jesus, I want to say…can we stop only talking about the transgender community…and start talking to them? There are people, precious souls, that are tormented by the disconnect between their assigned sex and the gender they most identify with. So much so, that they feel they can’t go on living in the body they were born with, and having no other option…since they can’t just move their soul to another body…go through drastic surgeries and treatments to try to make what’s in their mind match up with what other people see.

I find it heartbreaking that for 60+ years Bruce Jenner lived a life that didn’t feel like his own. I find it scary that a majority of the people that undergo sex change surgery regret it, and many attempt suicide at some point. I also find it really sad, that in all the stories I read, this is something these people deal with completely on their own for years and years. So, can we stop just posting about all the love that we have for the hurting without actually engaging with them? I mean I guess posting about loving people is better than posting about hating people…but it seems a bit hypocritical when we don’t actually do anything to tangibly love the people going through the hard stuff. Can we stop talking about people, and start talking to people? Can we invite them into our homes and into our friend groups and into our lives? Can we know them, so well that they don’t feel like they have to hide what they are going through? Can we say OUT LOUD that it’s okay to be confused, and it’s okay to think you have it all figured out. Because right now, Caitlyn appears happy and free, but there were years of confusion and pain that came before it, and there will be days of doubt ahead.

I am all about speaking the truth in love, but it would probably help if we know the people we’re speaking to first. So to the transgender community, and the rest of the LGBT community, and the rest of the people who are hurting for that matter, this is me telling you, personally, I want to know you. I want to walk with you. And we can figure out the rest after that.