My Favorite Things – Summer Edition

So I have this idea for a blog series, where I talk about some of my current obsessions, but sometimes I’m not great at follow through. I have hopes, though, of making this a semi-regular thing (thankfully, I get to define “semi-regular” – for all you know it could be once a year!), but I’m not making any promises. I think it’s so fun to hear what other people are enjoying, and learn about new products, music, books, etc. and who doesn’t like to share the things you are really loving?! So here are my current favorite things!

  1. Citizens & Saints
    This band is not new on the scene by any means, I’m just late to the game. I learned of them last year when they released A Mirror Dimly, which is so, so good, but I have really been killing their Citizens album. They are seriously my favorite right now. I am usually drawn to a slower tempo, especially in worship music, but many of their songs are more upbeat and fun, yet lyrically deep and rich. It’s so good.
  2. Amazon Music
    Don’t know if you knew about this but again, I was late to the game, but so excited to find out about this. I have never paid for Pandora or Spotify to get the ad-free experience because I’m cheap. At the same time, ads are super annoying. So when I learned that if you have Amazon Prime, you can stream music ad-free on Amazon, and through the Amazon Music app (and download to the app), I was like why have I been wasting so much time listening to ads on Spotify?!?!  Game changer, y’all.
  3. My tiny garden
    I have never grown anything, and thought surely I would be one of those people that kills everything. Turns out I’m not! OR it’s way easier than people make it out to be! It could also possibly be that I’ve chosen like the easiest things to grow: tomatoes and bell peppers. Thankfully we have a long harvest season here in the South, because I planted seeds way later than is recommended, and we are still a ways away from seeing actual fruit, but watching them grow is so fun! Note: I recognize it’s early and I may not be singing the same tune if we don’t actually ever get something we can eat.
  4. Curious George
    And by my favorite I mean my kids’ favorite which clearly = love. If there is anything I want to accomplish uninterrupted, it needs to happen between 8:30 and 9:00am…when George is on TV. No other show fully captivates them as this, and I make sure we watch it every day. I’m often torn between too much screen time and loving the moments of freedom it affords me, but I do love me some early morning PBS. I’m more confident their shows don’t present as many questionable ideas that I have to talk through with my kids. There aren’t as many villains, mean guys, or brats as there are with Disney and Nick Jr. That 30 minutes in the morning helps me maintain my sanity if I use it well.
  5. OGX Curl Defining Cream
    I’m no beauty expert by any stretch, I probably do things to my hair that any stylist would wince at. But I almost always wear my hair curly, and have tried a product or two. To tame some of the frizz I’ve tried gels, mousse, sea-salt sprays, but this is my first go with a cream, and I’m really liking it. I thought it would make my hair greasy, but it doesn’t, and it works surprisingly well. Maybe my low expectations are the reason I’m loving it so much.

Those things are at the top of my list right now. What are you enjoying this summer? Are there any products, books, or ANYTHING I need to check out? Let me know!